The hotels that can be registered with the VAL are international.

Membership in VAL is free, but acceptance into the Club is subject to a visit to the facility by the founders of VAL, Liana and Mauro Marabini, or their representatives.

Precise characteristics will be the priority: the hotel must have a good appearance, with attention to detail, whether it is ancient or modern. The hotel must above all have a library, or books in the rooms and optionally an art collection of its own, or at least some quality paintings and sculptures in the general decoration. The hotel must be willing to receive art exhibitions, book presentations and lectures.

Members will meet once a year in one of the member hotels, in rotation, to establish the group’s development policy.

If you wish to nominate your hotel to VAL, send an email to:

or a letter to:

Liana Marabini
Grand Hotel des Ambassadeurs
3 rue Partouneaux
06500 Menton
Cell. + 33- (0) 6 07 93 71 63